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5 Harts Rd LLC

5 Harts Rd (Formerly 5 Van Nostrand Road)

Dover Plains, NY 12522


The 5 Harts Rd team is comprised of three friends; Jonah Trager, Walker Esner, and Jenny Morse.

Jonah came to acquire the 5 Harts Rd property in the winter of 2017 after searching for a project space in the Hudson Valley. The site had immense potential but was in dire need of restoration. Together the friends began to collaborate on the vision for 5 Harts, and dug into the necessary renovation and design work.

The stone barn was still full of manure and defunct cattle stalls, and the hay barn and bus were stuffed with mildewed hay and relics from the early 20th century and prior. As they gradually sifted through the junk, the three made a sincere attempt to salvage and re-use whatever possible---as both decorative and structural elements---in the new spaces. The bar and tables in the speakeasy were custom-built from cedar slabs found stored in the hay barn and the vast majority of other furniture and decor was either uncovered on the property or acquired from local vintage sources. 


The space has undergone a dramatic transformation but there is much more to be done. Attend one of the events at 5 Harts Rd or schedule your own and help shape what it becomes.