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5 Harts Rd is a multi-purpose venue and communal living space built on 7.2 acres of old farm land still in the early stages of development. It is the passion project of three close friends (Jonah Trager, Walker Esner, and Jenny Morse) who want to support the arts as well as local food and farm culture, practice sensitive historic restoration, and host events that create community in this little corner of America and for all of its people.

Jonah came to acquire the 5 Harts Rd property in the winter of 2017 after searching for a suitable space in the Harlem Valley. The site had immense potential but was in dire need of restoration. Together the three friends began to collaborate on their vision for the project and dug into the necessary design and renovation work.

The stone barn was still full of manure. The large hay barn and abandoned school bus were stuffed with mildewed hay and relics from the early 20th century and prior. Two onsite mobile homes were caving in. As they gradually sifted through the junk, the three made a sincere attempt to salvage and re-use whatever possible---as both decorative and structural elements---in the repurposed spaces. The bar and tables in the stone barn/speakeasy were custom-built from cedar slabs discovered in the hay barn. The vast majority of other furniture and decor was either recovered from the property or acquired from local vintage sources. 


The space has undergone a dramatic transformation and has served as the venue for several community events, but there is much more to be done. Attend one of the events at 5 Harts Rd or schedule your own and help shape what it becomes.

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